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Tips on Keeping Corporate Event Catering Right inside Your Budget

Often businesses have an idea in mind that impressing their clients in corporate meeting and events is going to be a costly affair because catering would be very expensive.

However, this is wrong and corporate catering Sydney doesn’t mean it has to be really expensive to impress the clients. The fact is that even with cost-effective ideas and concepts; you can impress your clients and make them enjoy local delicacies.

Some of the top ideas related to keeping corporate catering inside your budget are discussed here in this post.

Only Choose Cost-Effective Menu Options

  • The cost of food depends entirely upon the cost of ingredients and here, you can become really frugal and choose cuisines in your menu that are less expensive to prepare.
  • Of course, the ideas offered by your caterer can be very useful and you will find them recommending Italian dishes because they can be very cost-effective in preparation.
  • This means that for the best corporate catering Sydney, you have the option of sticking to simple pasta dishes or ask your caterer to recommend the most cost-effective options.
Corporate Catering Sydney

Opt for Buffet-Style Service-

  • By deciding to go with buffet styled dinner or lunch, you take another very influential step towards keeping the corporate catering Sydney right inside your budget.
  • Introducing buffet style means encouraging your guests for self-service, where they will serve their food on their own.
  • This can be really beneficial for you because this will minimise the need of adequate staff and mainly to serve food to your guests.
  • Moreover, the chances of food wastage are also very low with buffet corporate catering Sydney because in buffet style, guests take in plate only the amount that they can consume.

Apart from this, you should not forget to talk to your caterer about quantities, based on the number of attendees. This will make sure that you don’t engage in food wastage and at the same time, feed your guests really well.

By Salt of the Earth Catering

Welcome to Salt of the Earth – a company that exists on its passion of creativity and passion to culinary skills. Our passion to prepare the tastiest of foods can be clearly visible in our services as we serve the freshest of food using the best, high quality, ingredients in our catering services throughout Sydney.
The chefs and the other staff are always willing to help you in your pursuit so that you can stay stress free and enjoy the event alongside your friends. We are based on the North Shore of Sydney, but can serve several suburbs of this city, including Sydney CBD, Eastern & Western suburbs.
Come and experience the joy with us by calling us at Phone: (02) 8407 9023 or dropping an e-mail at

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